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Sea Gate Stormcaller - Extended Art

Sea Gate Stormcaller - Extended Art

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Extra Info

  • Color: Blue
  • Card Text: Kicker 4U
    When Sea Gate Stormcaller enters the battlefield, copy the next instant or sorcery spell with converted mana cost 2 or less you cast this turn when you cast it. If Sea Gate Stormcaller was kicked, copy that spell twice instead. You may choose new targets for the copies.
  • Rarity: M
  • Cost: 1U
  • Pow/Tgh: 2/1
  • Card Type: Creature - Human Wizard
  • Artist: Anna Steinbauer
  • Name: Sea Gate Stormcaller
  • Finish: Regular
  • Card Number: 334
  • Set Name: Zendikar Rising