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3V3 Yu-Gi-Oh! Event 1K

3V3 Yu-Gi-Oh! Event 1K

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    * This entry is for your entire team*

    Join us at Post Board Gaming in Findlay Ohio for our next 3V3 Yugioh event!

    This is a team event where teams of 3 players will compete against each other by playing 3 games at the same time in a best 2 out of 3 match until 2 members of the team have won their match securing the round for their respective team.

    Event Date: July 9th 2022

    Start Time: 1PM

    Format: Advanced Constructed

    Entry Fee: $20 per player ($60 per team)

    This event will be capped at 22 teams (66 Players) you must have 3 players on your team to compete.

    We will play rounds of swiss based on attendance and then cut to the top 4 teams.

    Guarenteed prizes for this event is over $1000 in store credit

    1st place team $450 store credit

    2nd place team $300 store credit

    3rd & 4th place team $150 store credit


    Each player will be designated as player A,B,Or C for their team and will play against the opponents player designated with the same letter. Your letter designation will remain the same throughtout. 

    Deck lists will be required for this event.

    • Best 2 out of 3 Matches as a team. Two team members winning their Matches will equal a Team Match win. Once two members of a team win their respective Matches, the Duel is over.
    • Each individual team member will play their matches independently, best 2 out of 3 Matches.
    • There will be no sharing of cards or fields between teammates, each Duelist plays their own opponent. Duelists on the same team can communicate with each other, if it does not significantly slow down the pace of an ongoing Match.
    • Swiss Rounds followed by a Single-Elimination Playoff Top Cut. Rounds are dependent on the total number of teams at the time registration closes.
    • Time Limit: 45 Minutes per Swiss Round.