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Sword & Shield Pre Release Bundle

Sword & Shield Pre Release Bundle

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We will be hosting two events this pre-release and offer a $5 discount if you purchase both of them ahead of time.

Pre-releases are great for new players and experienced players and are a really fun event to participate in!


Event #1 January 25th 2020 (Friday Night January 24th) Start Time: Midnight


Event #2 February 1st 2020 1PM (Saturday afternoon)



Each participant will receive a special Pre release box containing a 22-card Evolution pack to provide a solid foundation, plus four 10-card booster packs and an exclusive foil promo card. Players will use the cards from their Pre release box, plus basic Energy cards provided by the Tournament Organizer, to build a 40-card deck.
Additional prize packs will be give out at the end of the event.

Pre Registration is available and encouraged to secure your spot.