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Legacy 2k Event (October 17th)

Legacy 2k Event (October 17th)

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Join us for our next competitive Magic the Gathering event!

Format: Legacy (Up to 10 proxies allowed, please see proxy rules below)

Date: Sunday October 17th 2021

Start Time: 1PM

Entry Fee: $50

Rules Level: Competitive

*Deck lists will be required*

1st Place guaranteed $800 cash

2nd Place $400 store credit

3rd & 4th place $200 store credit

5th-8th place $100 store credit

64 player cap for this event.

**Proxy rules** 

Proxies must be printed paper proxies. They must be easy to see and read, you may have the judge look at them prior to the event if you are uncertain. Your proxies must be in the sleeve on top of a basic land to ensure the cards are all the same thickness. If possible use basic lands of a type that are not in your actual deck to avoid any uncertainty. We will not be printing proxies at the store. You may have up to 10 proxies in your deck. 

There will be a cut to top 8 following the swiss rounds

The event will require a minimum of 8 players registered to start.

We will have a level 2 judge on staff for the event.