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Malifaux Event

Malifaux Event

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Malifaux 3E Open Beta Tournament

Sunday April 14th 2019
Doors Open: 11AM
Registration Closes: 11:45AM
Start Time: Noon
Entry Fee: $10
16 Player Cap (Pre-Registration will be available)

Prizes will be paid out in store credit based on attendance.

Tournament Details:
50 Soul Stone
Fixed Master
Dead Mans Hand Allowed
3 Rounds (Tie Breakers will be Point Total & Differential)
Because this tournament is taking place during an open beta we will be using whatever the most current rules updates are at the time of the event.
Strategies and Schemes:

Standard deployment

Plant explosive
Break through
Harness laylines
Power ritual
Deliver message
Search ruins

Turf war
Out flank
Harness laylines
Claim jump
Take prisoner
Detonate charges

Dig Graves
Detonte charges
Hold up forces

** All of these details are subject to change as the open beta progresses and we have more information **
** Any changes will be announced in the event page and these details will be updated**