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Dreamhack Regional Championship Qualifier (Pioneer)

Dreamhack Regional Championship Qualifier (Pioneer)

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  • Description

    Join us for next DreamHack Regional Championship Qualifier!

    Date: June 3rd 2023

    Format: Pioneer

    Start Time:1PM

    Entry Fee: $30

    This is a Competitive Rules Enforcement level event.

    Deck lists will be required and collected at the event.

    We will have a Level 2 Judge on staff for the event.

    We will play a number of swiss rounds based on the number of entrants before cutting to the top 8 players.


    Prizes: Guaranteed prizes to the top 8 finishers.


    1st- $400 Cash and the invite

    2nd-$200 Store Credit

    3rd&4th-$100 Store Credit

    5th-8th-$50 Store Credit


    In addition there will be promos with entry while supplies last and promos to the top 8 as well.


    Pre-registration will be available and encouraged. You can pre-register in store or on our website. 

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