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D & D Adventurers League

D & D Adventurers League

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Adventurer’s League is back!

Join us for our Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer’s League! The league will meet every other Thursday from 6PM-9PM. If you are new to joining the league you should arrive by 5:30 to build your character and get caught up on where we are in the campaign. The league is great for both new and experienced players. If you are not already in the league you may have to be put on the waiting list for a spot to open, just ask a staff member for details.


Regular League will begin on August 5th for character building and     introduction to the campaign. League night will be every other Thursday. The entry fee for the league will be a one time payment of $25 and cover all of the sessions of that campaign


Each league will last roughly 12 sessions. The campaign will be announced at a later date.