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Magic League Ixalan

Magic League Ixalan

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Magic League is a four-week program for fun, on demand Magic play at any skill level!
Magic League runs for 4 weeks beginning the week of October 2nd and ending October 29th Magic League night will be every Thursday during the league but you may play league matches any day you would like. 
The entry fee for the Magic League will be $12 +tax
Each participant will receive 3 Ixalan Booster Packs along with a Ixalan League box and match sheet. 
Each participant will then open the 3 booster packs and build a 30 card minimum deck out of the cards they opened. After building your deck you may play any number of matches against other players in the league, all matches are just 1 game each. One time each week or after you have lost 3 times with the deck you may purchase an additional booster pack to add to your deck for just $3 +tax.
At the end of the league we will award prizes based on attendance, we will add 1 booster pack per player into the prize pool. Each of the four prizes will be paid out equally (Example: If there are 20 packs in the prize pool then each of the 4 winners would get 5 packs) ** You may not win multiple prizes** We want everyone to participate as much as possible but understand that not everyone can play all of the time, so this time around we are making a few changes to the prizes to ensure that we have 4 different players that win while still encouraging everyone to play as much as they can. If someone has won in one of the categories then we will go to the second place finisher of that category and so on until we get to a person who has not already won another category. 
Prize Categories 
1 -Most Matches Won
2 -Most Matches Played
3 -Most Unique Number of Opponents 
4 -Most Match losses (Minimum of 10 matches played)

Additional Rules:
Each player may mulligan one time per match without losing a card.
You may join the league at any time during the four weeks and purchase additional packs for the weeks you missed.
You may not play the same opponent twice in a row. 
You must leave your league box in the store until the completion of the League or if you drop from the league

If you have any questions or would like to join the league just let us know!!