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Magic League Rivals of Ixalan

Magic League Rivals of Ixalan

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Rivals of Ixalan Magic League!

Magic League begins this week and we wanted to update everyone on the plan for the event this time around and to let people who have never participated before know how it works.

Magic League is an in store program that runs for 4 weeks beginning on Jan 24th and ending on Feb 18.

Entry into the program is only $12 (+tax) and your entry fee will get you 3 Booster Packs of Rivals of Ixalan an Evolving Wilds League Promo card and also 1 Booster Pack to go into the prize pool.

How it works:
You will open your 3 Booster Packs and build a 30 card deck (including your basic lands) and play best of 1 matches against other players in the league and record the results on your league card. Once per week or every three losses you may purchase an additional pack to open and add to your deck. Additional Booster Packs for the league are only $3 (+tax) for participating in the league.

The top 4 participants with the most matches played will each get an equal share of the prize pool.

The goal of this event is to have fun and bring in new players to participate in a weekly event within a laid back and casual environment.

Additional Rules:

You may not play the same person more than twice in a row without playing someone else in the league.

The store will have its own league deck and be available to play games in the event you do not have someone to play against.

You may play on any day of the week but our official weekly meetup day will be Thursday.

If you have any questions about you can participate in the league please let us know. Thanks